My First Craving Was Toast?!

Well, it finally happened. Within the third week of my going keto I experienced my first craving. The first “mmmm that smells so good! I wish I could just have one piece. Ok now I’m feeling deprived”; and it was for buttered toast! My husband came home late from work one night and just made himself a stack of like six pieces of toast with butter and reheated some of his battered fish and it smelt. so. good!

I can’t believe I had made it through two turkey dinners with no inner battle, but the toast did it. I immediately went to Maria’s blog and found a recipe for buns. I made them the next morning. And had a toasted bun with butter. And it. was. good! Lol now, I’m not gonna lie and say it was as good as the real thing. These were made with coconut flour, so they did have a bit of a different taste. But the toasted texture with melted butter hit the spot so well. And of course my lunch the next day was healthified Sloppy Joe’s! image

I haven’t tried too many new recipes this week. Some Mexican Chicken, basically chicken breasts in the slow cooker with chopped tomatoes, a can of sugar free salsa, and half an hour before finishing a block of cream cheese stirred in which also shredded the chicken breasts into basically pulled chicken. Yum! I also made some granola, half of which sadly burnt, so it made about three breakfast bowls of cereal. But I missed cereal too! Something I could just pour in a bowl, cover with milk and eat. No prep required. I’m gonna have to make a ton more and have “cereal” on hand all the time.

My friend K is almost done her first week of Keto! It’s been so much fun having someone to share pictures of meals with and know that she appreciates it and wants the recipe and vice versa. Normally I get mad at people who post photos of their food on fb and Pinterest, like who cares? But this is fun. It’s also interesting reliving a bunch of symptoms I first had when I started dabbling in keto way back in June. I remember getting the shakes, and having crazy and painful bm’s. Oh and headaches. But it only lasted the first week for me, and each time (usually Monday) that I would start back into it, it seemed the transition for my body wasn’t so difficult. Hopefully this next week she will start feeling the benefits and energy boosts that I did!!!!

As far as the scale goes, I’d did go up a couple pounds at the beginning of this week. But had no idea why. I hadn’t changed anything or cheated. Thought I may have slowed down on my water or fat intake so I focused on upping both. As of this morning I’m back to where I was at the end of week two. So still down a total of ten pounds, but also one week closer to babies due date! It’s crazy to think that at the beginning of this pregnancy my goal was to only gain 30lbs but I didn’t actually think I would do it. And now I’m still fifteen pounds shy of that thirty! Yay for setting goals and being motivated enough to meet them! I can’t wait to see where the scale sits a day or two after leaving that hospital with a new bundle of joy in my arms instead of hanging out in my stomache! image

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2 Thanksgiving Meals and 4 Pounds Lost!

This week was book ended by two Turkey dinners. With stuffing and candied yams and pumpkin pie and cheese cake. But do you know what was the most exciting? The fact that I didn’t have a single mental battle about whether or not a small cheat would be worth it! There was no inner dialogue running inside my head, “well it’s a holiday, Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so and so might be offended if I don’t eat their dish, I can’t eat just turkey and carrots!!”

I woke up last Saturday morning to find that after my first successful no cheat Thanksgiving I had lost another 2 pounds. Worth it! I had brought two of my avocado brownies, and covered them with whipped cream and it was gooood. That loss kept me motivated all week. Wednesday morning Women’s Bible study had lots of yummies, I just ate the cheese and enjoyed a high fat creamy coffee. Thursday was New Mom’s Group potluck! I brought a coffee cake with cream cheese icing. It used coconut flour and was absolutely delicious! Then Thursday night we had Bible study and there was a plate of cookies , on the table, no joke placed right in front of where I was sitting after I had sat down. Cookies are like my Kryptonite. I can eat a whole box in two sittings. But again it wasn’t even a challenge!

Our second Thanksgiving meal was last night. This time we weren’t asked to bring anything. Which was a risk for me, not knowing how someone else was going to prepare the veggie dishes. Well, sure enough, everything was pre-sauced. So my turkey dinner looked like dark turkey with lots of skin, and a small scoop of green salad which did have dressing on it already but I managed to pick out the craisins. Followed by another piece of coffee cake I brought along. Oh and a quarter of a bottle of Kombucha tea. Yum! Once again, not an exciting turkey dinner, but until I feel more prepared to research keto meals ahead of time and make a whole meal, just for myself, the holiday was wonderfully spent around the dinner table surrounded by family. And for that I am grateful!

I woke up this morning to discover that eating another keto thanksgiving meal had paid off. I lost a total of 4 pounds this week, bringing my weight loss to 10 lbs in the last two weeks! And, it means I am now only 15 lbs up from my pre pregnancy weight!

I’ve been noticing the weight loss, but I think friends are starting to notice as well as I seem to be getting comments more along the lines of “no you look really good today” rather than the normal “wow you look really pregnant”! Haha I’m glad people are starting to see the changes rather than just myself even though baby girl is due in less than four weeks!

It’s turning out to be much less of a big deal to take my keto eating out in public than I thought it would be. I’ve gotten no weird looks , really most people don’t even notice. I think it’s helpful that so many people are eating gluten free. I wish I had more great changes to testify to, but I think still having energy while taking care of an almost two year old, being 36 weeks pregnant and waking five times a night to use the loo, on top of weight loss is pretty great on it’s own. Oh, and on top of it all, my best friend K is gonna give a keto diet a try for the next week!! I’m really hoping she sees some good changes and decides to stick with it. Selfishly of course just because it would be easier to do this journey with her lovely face !


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Why the Phrase “Eating For Two” Is Not Only A Load of Crap, But Really Unhelpful

Even though I have been dabbling with a keto diet for the last 5 months, this week has been stuffed with new things. New recipes, new approaches to cooking, new cold fighting techniques, and a couple lessons learned.

But first, I would like to respond to a phrase I have heard probably 50 times throughout this pregnancy; and I certainly heard it during my first. I have heard it from family, best friends, good friends, acquaintances, and strangers (usually servers in restaurants). It is some version of “it’s ok, you’re eating for two now!” I am pretty sure it is always said with good intentions, although I am sure many pregnant women have heard it from those smugly making reference to the amount of weight their target has gained while pregnant.

Not only is this comment basically not true, I mean, when your baby is the size of a kidney bean I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need you to consume that extra piece of pizza for it’s sole nutritional benefit, but it’s actually like giving a hormonal and sometimes very emotionally hungry woman the excuse she’s been trying so hard to fight against. I have been very conscious about what I am eating this whole pregnancy. I have worked very hard to not gain a repeated 90lbs with this pregnancy. But there have been times where sitting across the table with you I am desperately wanting to join you in demolishing the appetizers with you while sneaking a peak at the dessert menu, but also trying desperately hard to exercise the small amount of self control I still posses. But when the excuse is made for me, when you kindly let me know you aren’t judging me for having the extra whatever or last piece of, you’re actually making my decision way way harder. I think I read somewhere that in your first trimester you need an extra 100 calories, that’s an apple, and by your third tri, an extra 300, so, an apple and a few soda crackers at night to help with the heartburn.

It is true that women need to give themselves a break now and then while pregnant. But if that woman has valid health concerns, taking it easy on herself could just as easily look like telling her significant other that she is taking a bath and they are taking care of dinner and simply jumping in the tub without waiting for a “yes dear”.

Now, onto the rest of my first week of my year long challenge!

Since physical exercise is pretty much out for me at this stage of the pregnancy (I get to experience lovely spd or early loosening of my hips which make even walking a decent distance taxing and later quiet painful), I am focusing 100% on my nutrition. I am proud to say it has been 7 days without any grains, which I should add also includes potatoes (even the sweet ones), and no sugar, processed or from fruit. And the results, pretty awesome!!

I am down 6 pounds, and feel amazing. I find it very interesting that I am not only happier in general, but that even though I am physically unable to go running, the desire is there. Which, being a non natural run lover is pretty cool. I feel like I have so much energy that I put hip hop music on while doing the dishes and even consider walking my son to the park four blocks away rather than driving!

This week we ate ridiculously yummy meals like bacon wrapped scallops, pizza, burritos, spaghetti squash, pizza muffins, and avocado brownies. My breakfasts consist of either bacon and eggs cooked in the bacon grease, or my own version of bullet proof coffee: coffee, coconut oil and coffee cream. Many of these recipes were new, and all of them seemed to top the last. I am so stoked that I have found easy pizza crust and burrito shell recipes as those are two of my favourite meals! The avocado brownies have been destroyed by my husband and I with my son having a measly one a day lol and right now I have a gingerbread latte concoction in the slow cooker I am stoked to try.





I am learning to let my son help me in the kitchen, even though he is slow, and stirs contents of bowls all over the counter. But now, his favourite place to be is in the kitchen with me dumping ingredients into bowls and helping me mix.


C of course got a cold about a day into this challenge. The last thing I wanted was to get sick myself, or for it to turn into a bad cold for him. He has been using probiotics for the last month now, but I upped his amount, and quickly made my way to Planet Organic. I bought myself some probiotics, and an essential oil mix. I put the oil on my and C’s feet in the mornings, and in C’s humidifier at night and nap/quiet time. So far I haven’t caught the cold! And C didn’t get anything worse than a very slightly runny nose. I’m not saying this worked 100%, but I am certainly going to bust it out at the first sign of the next cold!


To leave you with a few no-no’ I learned this week:

1) don’t light a vanilla brown sugar candle within the first few days of cutting out sugar, you will want to eat it or quit the whole thing and go demolish a whole box of cookies, in the van on the way home from the store, and

2) don’t buy your child fries to satisfy them on the way home and use the air conditioning vent to cool them down. Your whole van will smell like delicious French fries and you will want to pull a highly illegal u turn to get back into whatever fast food lane they came from!

All in all, an awesome first week 🙂



Why It’s About So Much More Than “Being the Skinny Friend”

Just last night I challenged one of my oldest friends K (old as in we’ve known each other since junior high!), and my husband D, to a year long challenge. We each want to improve our health and fitness. But we each are at very different places, and we each have different goals. But the plan is to set a goal, and encourage each other to stick with it for this next year. So, starting this morning, October 4th 2014 until October 4th 2015 we will work to inspire, support, challenge and encourage each other to reach our goals!

My goal, simply put, is to adopt an eating lifestyle that will put my body into a state of Ketosis (burning fat for energy rather than sugar), and complete next years Harvest Half Marathon.

In regards to the running, I am not a runner. I was forced to run back in college for a degree I was working towards in Outdoor Leadership and Recreation. They wanted us to complete a ten km run in an hour. Little did we know that on run day we had to accomplish that feat after swimming 40 lengths in an Olympic sized pool, and it was snowing outside…. I didn’t make it after training harder than I ever had before to build up to that distance, and then within that time frame. It was kind of upsetting. I didn’t run again until I started training for a race I completed  five months after having my first son. A five km Color Me Rad run. My second run was this past summer, a ten km run while 5 months pregnant. I am currently due with our daughter in 5 weeks 3 days! So the goal once again is to do a run the summer after having this baby. But, in order to not put my kegal muscles under too much strain I have chosen a half marathon in October. I, so far, do not enjoy running. But I do enjoy setting athletic goals and working towards them. Even though running is hard for me, I feel so accomplished afterwards.

Now the Ketosis way of eating is something I am almost entirely new to. My whole life I have been overweight. Then after high school I was obese (as soon as I stopped playing on the volleyball and basketball teams). Then after college I reached the next level of obesity. Thank goodness I am tall. Most people would not look at me and realize how much I weigh, or call me obese. But clinically I am. I have always felt fat, and have struggled like so many women with the cycle of feeling fat so I eat, then getting heavier, and downward spiraling mentally.

When I was pregnant with our very first son K I discovered Paleo. Started it, loved it, then lost him two weeks later at 20 weeks pregnant. Unknown to me at the time I had developed hypothyroidism which for me, only happened when I became pregnant and my thyroid was unable to handle the extra hormones; so it simply decided to stop working. I gained more weight after loosing him, and within two months became pregnant again with our son C. My hypothyroidism hadn’t had time to sort itself out yet and continued into this second pregnancy. It wasn’t until 15 weeks that my new doctor correctly diagnosed me, and I started medication. The medication straightened out my thyroid and thanks be to God I delivered a healthy baby boy. But a side effect of the medication was weight gain. I gained at least 90 pounds during that pregnancy (now, I can`t blame all the weight gain on the medication, lack of physical exercise, unstable diet, and lots of stress were also factors). I say at least because I stopped weighing myself once that number reached fifty, and did not weigh myself again until two weeks after delivery and I was still up 80lbs. Thanks to breast feeding and a healthier lifestyle I lost that 80lbs by the time C was 8 months.

400345_10151303880630539_1503156123_n Our first morning together.

Coltons oneMorning of his first b-day.

I decided as soon as I became pregnant again that I would not let this pregnancy effect my body in the same way. Gaining so much weight so quickly, and even losing it again so quickly takes its toll! So I watched what I ate, but soon realized I needed to do much more than “be careful“. I have the worst will power ever, I needed a plan. I signed up for the ten km race, which kept me training. And I opened my heart up to my Aunt about the mental struggles I was having with not wanting to gain weight again this pregnancy, but wanting to make sure I achieved that in a healthy way. She then directed me to an amazing woman on FB named Maria Emmerich. She is a huge Keto advocate, with wisdom galore, a fantastic blog herself, and tons of cook books. I had done a diet a few years before called Matol, which basically stopped you from eating all carbohydrates, fruit, and dairy (so all I ate was protein and vegetables), and had you take like 4 of their supplemental meals a day (mainly a soy product, usually in powder form that turned into chili sauce or soups, or juices). I did fantastic on that diet, lost 40lbs in 3 months and kept it off for a year. But this time I wanted to do a nutrition plan that used only real foods. Foods I had to shop for, clean, prep, and cook myself. I wanted to start learning to cook in a way my son and this new baby would see and hopefully adopt as they grew up.

That! That is exactly why this is so much more important to me than “being the skinny friend“. Sure, losing weight, looking better in clothes, not being so self conscious when I enter the room and often notice that I am the heaviest female in it are all motivating factors. But this is about legacy. This is about raising children who have a healthy relationship with food. This is about giving them good immune systems from the very get go. This is about a new way of looking at, thinking about, and eating food. For my health, my mind, and most importantly my future with my children.

I have successfully finished day 1. Went to a friend`s daughter`s birthday party and said no. Then came home and made my very own grain free tortilla shells. I am scared about how hard this will be. I am already wondering what I will do for Thanksgiving, my son`s birthday party, my daughter`s baby shower and Christmas dinner. But hopefully, with my friend K and my hubby D supporting and encouraging me all the way, I will reach my goal. And in one year from today, I will be glad I didn`t wait until New Year`s Day to start 🙂