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2 Thanksgiving Meals and 4 Pounds Lost!

This week was book ended by two Turkey dinners. With stuffing and candied yams and pumpkin pie and cheese cake. But do you know what was the most exciting? The fact that I didn’t have a single mental battle about whether or not a small cheat would be worth it! There was no inner dialogue running inside my head, “well it’s a holiday, Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so and so might be offended if I don’t eat their dish, I can’t eat just turkey and carrots!!”

I woke up last Saturday morning to find that after my first successful no cheat Thanksgiving I had lost another 2 pounds. Worth it! I had brought two of my avocado brownies, and covered them with whipped cream and it was gooood. That loss kept me motivated all week. Wednesday morning Women’s Bible study had lots of yummies, I just ate the cheese and enjoyed a high fat creamy coffee. Thursday was New Mom’s Group potluck! I brought a coffee cake with cream cheese icing. It used coconut flour and was absolutely delicious! Then Thursday night we had Bible study and there was a plate of cookies , on the table, no joke placed right in front of where I was sitting after I had sat down. Cookies are like my Kryptonite. I can eat a whole box in two sittings. But again it wasn’t even a challenge!

Our second Thanksgiving meal was last night. This time we weren’t asked to bring anything. Which was a risk for me, not knowing how someone else was going to prepare the veggie dishes. Well, sure enough, everything was pre-sauced. So my turkey dinner looked like dark turkey with lots of skin, and a small scoop of green salad which did have dressing on it already but I managed to pick out the craisins. Followed by another piece of coffee cake I brought along. Oh and a quarter of a bottle of Kombucha tea. Yum! Once again, not an exciting turkey dinner, but until I feel more prepared to research keto meals ahead of time and make a whole meal, just for myself, the holiday was wonderfully spent around the dinner table surrounded by family. And for that I am grateful!

I woke up this morning to discover that eating another keto thanksgiving meal had paid off. I lost a total of 4 pounds this week, bringing my weight loss to 10 lbs in the last two weeks! And, it means I am now only 15 lbs up from my pre pregnancy weight!

I’ve been noticing the weight loss, but I think friends are starting to notice as well as I seem to be getting comments more along the lines of “no you look really good today” rather than the normal “wow you look really pregnant”! Haha I’m glad people are starting to see the changes rather than just myself even though baby girl is due in less than four weeks!

It’s turning out to be much less of a big deal to take my keto eating out in public than I thought it would be. I’ve gotten no weird looks , really most people don’t even notice. I think it’s helpful that so many people are eating gluten free. I wish I had more great changes to testify to, but I think still having energy while taking care of an almost two year old, being 36 weeks pregnant and waking five times a night to use the loo, on top of weight loss is pretty great on it’s own. Oh, and on top of it all, my best friend K is gonna give a keto diet a try for the next week!! I’m really hoping she sees some good changes and decides to stick with it. Selfishly of course just because it would be easier to do this journey with her lovely face !



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