My First Craving Was Toast?!

Well, it finally happened. Within the third week of my going keto I experienced my first craving. The first “mmmm that smells so good! I wish I could just have one piece. Ok now I’m feeling deprived”; and it was for buttered toast! My husband came home late from work one night and just made himself a stack of like six pieces of toast with butter and reheated some of his battered fish and it smelt. so. good!

I can’t believe I had made it through two turkey dinners with no inner battle, but the toast did it. I immediately went to Maria’s blog and found a recipe for buns. I made them the next morning. And had a toasted bun with butter. And it. was. good! Lol now, I’m not gonna lie and say it was as good as the real thing. These were made with coconut flour, so they did have a bit of a different taste. But the toasted texture with melted butter hit the spot so well. And of course my lunch the next day was healthified Sloppy Joe’s! image

I haven’t tried too many new recipes this week. Some Mexican Chicken, basically chicken breasts in the slow cooker with chopped tomatoes, a can of sugar free salsa, and half an hour before finishing a block of cream cheese stirred in which also shredded the chicken breasts into basically pulled chicken. Yum! I also made some granola, half of which sadly burnt, so it made about three breakfast bowls of cereal. But I missed cereal too! Something I could just pour in a bowl, cover with milk and eat. No prep required. I’m gonna have to make a ton more and have “cereal” on hand all the time.

My friend K is almost done her first week of Keto! It’s been so much fun having someone to share pictures of meals with and know that she appreciates it and wants the recipe and vice versa. Normally I get mad at people who post photos of their food on fb and Pinterest, like who cares? But this is fun. It’s also interesting reliving a bunch of symptoms I first had when I started dabbling in keto way back in June. I remember getting the shakes, and having crazy and painful bm’s. Oh and headaches. But it only lasted the first week for me, and each time (usually Monday) that I would start back into it, it seemed the transition for my body wasn’t so difficult. Hopefully this next week she will start feeling the benefits and energy boosts that I did!!!!

As far as the scale goes, I’d did go up a couple pounds at the beginning of this week. But had no idea why. I hadn’t changed anything or cheated. Thought I may have slowed down on my water or fat intake so I focused on upping both. As of this morning I’m back to where I was at the end of week two. So still down a total of ten pounds, but also one week closer to babies due date! It’s crazy to think that at the beginning of this pregnancy my goal was to only gain 30lbs but I didn’t actually think I would do it. And now I’m still fifteen pounds shy of that thirty! Yay for setting goals and being motivated enough to meet them! I can’t wait to see where the scale sits a day or two after leaving that hospital with a new bundle of joy in my arms instead of hanging out in my stomache! image


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