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Frustration!!! Have Support Lifelines, Meals in the Freezer, and Cake in the Fridge!

I just haven’t been able to write a blog these last two and a bit weeks. I think frustration is the name of this game. I am due to have baby girl within the next 48 hours. I kept hoping she would come early. I think that frustration cup has just been spilling over into the other areas of my life.

On a good note, I got through toddler boy C’s birthday parties no problem in regards to keto eating. I made him cake and cupcakes, frosted and decorated them myself, and even picked up and sat in front of pizza that everyone else thoroughly enjoyed. I made myself a crockpot deep dish pizza, but it didn’t exactly turn out. Waaaay too much “pizza spice” when combined with the marinara sauce and meat I used. Oh well. I went to the party prepared with candied nuts, cheese slices, and a lemon flavoured Perrier. It did the trick and everything was fun. I skipped a blog that week in hopes that I would be able to get pictures from my real camera downloaded and usable. But here’s some pics from my phone 🙂



By the end of that week I was down another two pounds. The next week was entirely boring and uneventful. I lost one more pound.

Then, the last 4 days happened! Cravings, hunger, just feeling really unsatisfied. I used my lifelines! Texted my friend K right away “I’m craving cookies and trying to justify why it’s ok in my head. Help!” She did! She didn’t say “Well you’re due any day now, no one would blame you if you ate some cookies.” Which is what I wanted to hear. Luckily I had some lemon cake that although definitely my least favourite dessert so far, heated up, covered in butter, and accompanied by a glass of milk did the trick. Next day, still super craving cookies, so I messaged my cool Auntie K. “Did you experience cravings once you were this far into keto? I can’t tell if it’s pregnancy related, normal keto, or what?” Lo and behold she did say she still experienced cravings once in a while. That it could be something specific my body needs. But that I also needed to make sure I wasn’t eating too much of the “allowed” food either.

Did I listen though? No. Man for like three days it was like I was starving! I upped my fat, ate probably two more snacks a day than I do on average and the last was always right before a late bedtime. So of course I gained that last three pounds back 😦 That’s my first step in the wrong direction so far. Which is upsetting considering I didn’t even get to enjoy the cookies to lose that foothold! But really though, I am glad I didn’t actually cheat.

It’s been six weeks and no processed food, grains, or sugar have passed my lips. Yes, I am due to have a baby in the next two days. I probably just needed, or she just needed the extra calories. I’m proud I didn’t cave. That I spoke out my cravings and thinking, to my husband as well, and all three of my major support people supported me! It was also super helpful that I had meals pre made in the freezer ready to drop in the slow cooker, and had desserts on hand in the fridge.

The highlight of these last two weeks though: home made Ice Cream in a bag!!!!! Aaaaaamazing! And so easy! I want to eat it every night! Absolutely met those sugar/pregnancy cravings!


It was simply cream, sugar, by that I mean the incredible Swerve, and vanilla extract in a small ziplock bag, put inside a larger ziplock bag filled with ice and salt, shaken for ten minutes! Hubby D told me if I wanted ice cream that bad I could finally buy that ice cream maker next pay check! Score, double win lol

By my next post I WILL have a new baby girl, and the adventure of remaining in Ketosis will change. But I am so excited for this next chapter!




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