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51 Days of Keto and A Baby Later

Well, today is day 51 of my keto eating adventure! I wish I could say that zero grains and sugars have passed my lips so far, but one due date come, and a batch of very burnt keto peanut butter cookies using the last of my Swerve later, and my resolve finally broke. I did what I always knew I would do. I went to Safeway and bought a box of their delicious cookies, and proceeded to consume them for dinner, the next days breakfast, and lunch. Since I was off the boat I also consumed some pizza a can of coke, and a Starbucks Christmas drink.

There , a shameful list of my failure. And how did it make me feel? Not great considering I had my doctors appointment the next morning and the scale showed the shocking addition of four pounds. At least the nurse didn’t realize that I had gained that much in the course of… less than 24 hours. I quickly gave my head and scale a shake and jumped right back in to low carb high fat eating and luckily two of those four pounds disappeared by the time I delivered baby girl A.

So, that means that over the course of my pregnancy, I trained for and ran a ten km race, drastically changed my eating habits once I was no longer able to continue exercising, and managed to gain only 17 pounds!!!!!

Compared to my pregnancy with C that’s a difference of 78 pounds. That, looks like this:


I am incredibly proud of myself! Although my body looks super weird to me now, think all the curves and rolls have shifted, I am starting my journey to a healthier me on a much better foundation than last time.

D brought me keto food while I recovered in hospital for two days, and there have still been enough leftovers to not have to cook these first five days back at home. I will probably have to throw a meal I already have made and frozen into the crock pot and that will be the extent of it.

I can tell that Christmas IS going to be hard to get through if I’m not willing to spend money on swerve and time in the kitchen baking keto versions of all the yummy Christmas baking I wish I were eating. So that’s my plan. To suck it up, purchase some ingredients online like xylitol jam, syrup, and chocolate that I can’t seem to find in my local health food stores, and spend some time in my kitchen ( probably blasting Michael Buble Christmas carols while burning our new and deliciously scented Holiday Holly candle).

Having had a c section, my plan of action has had to change a little in regards to the weight and fitness side of progressing. For example, I haven’t bothered weighing myself yet. I can tell by the look and feel that my lower abdomen is still all swollen from the surgery, and my feet just today look like all the excess fluid from the IV I was on has dispersed, and I’m still sweating at night, proof that I am still getting rid of excess fluid. I will weigh myself at two weeks post partum, and refrain from all forms of exercise until six weeks as per doctors orders.

But I certainly haven’t wavered on my decision to stick to keto nutrition for the next 314 days 🙂


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