Pre Pregnancy Weight! Boom!


Well, I don’t have too much to write about this week. Except for the awesomeness that is already being back at my pre pregnancy weight! I know I said last blog I wasn’t going to weigh myself until two weeks had passed, but I couldn’t help it, I was so curious at the one week mark. At one week I was oficially back at my pre pregnancy weight 🙂 And now five days later I am down another two pounds! (I should add that going into this pregnancy I was clinically obese, therefore the weight gain my doctor wanted me to aim for was 15-30 pounds, so gaining 17 was within my doctors recommendation, and losing the weight that fast has not negatively impaired my breast feeding. Little A. was already back at birth weight at a week and two days!)

I still had twenty pounds of pregnancy/depression weight from the loss of our very first pregnancy with K. So that means I have 18 pounds left to lose to get back to my wedding weight. That’s my next small goal I am working towards as far as weight goes.

As as far as working out, getting up twenty times a day to feed baby, or grab snacks for C. or anything for myself is still enough to keep me tired. But, four more weeks to go and I can start working out again!

In regards to cooking I am loving my crock pot. We buy bulk meat from Costco and I freeze meal amounts in ziplock bags until I need them. Then they just get tossed in the crock pot with a home made sauce from my Keto Slow Cooker cook book and then an hour before dinner I chop fresh veggies and add them in. Super fast super easy, and minor clean up. That makes enough for leftovers so there’s lunch and dinner. I made a double batch of my nut granola cereal so now I can eat that for breakfasts again, plus bullet proof coffee, and shakes are a super quick easy meal I do often for breakfast or lunch.

Delicious shake recipe: almond milk, all natural peanut butter, chocolate whey protein, sometimes my Starbucks Via coffee, sometimes cream cheese, ground flax, and ice cubes. Sooooo good.

Also exciting for me, I sent a blurb into Maria Emmerich’s Facebook page Keto Adapted about my journey in keto so far during my pregnancy and she used it on her page 🙂 It was cool and a little bit of a star struck moment for me as I’ve bought her cook books and follow her page and blog (mariamindbodyandhealth.com), and I was so excited to talk to her and have her respond.

I plan to start taking progress pics on Monday at two weeks post partum. Not that I will probably start sharing them here until there is a noticeable change. My body looks so weird to me now. It’s just changed so dramatically since having A. and then even within two weeks of her birth! But I do think that taking pictures is a super great tool to keep oneself on track. You can’t deny what the camera captures!

It is technically 8 weeks since making the switch to Keto and I am loving it. No hunger pains, no cravings, and yesterday I made “Sugar Cookies” with chocolate glaze icing and started a pumpkin cheese cake recipe. Who can deny that a diet with cheesecake is wonderful?


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