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What a Wonderful Christmas!

It’s been a week since I had to sit down and re evaluate some serious stuff in regards to normal life and my year long challenge. So this blog post I plan to simply re cap the last week in regard to how I did with the six things I realized I needed to change my expectations for.

1) I needed to work on my relationship with my son C.

We are doing really well. I’ve focused on a few things, quality time, my own calming techniques (for myself I mean lol), and apologizing to him if I needed to.

Quality time has meant playing more trains during A’s naps and that’s fine. I’ve realized that as I look at all the nighttime feeds as just a stage of A’s life I’m more than willing to happily do, so is this time playing trains with C. I found a sort of system for dealing with C when he’s doing something he shouldn’t. I take him out of the situation if it’s dangerous, if not I start with my own sigh of frustration (rather than yelling), take a few seconds to calm down, get to his level and speak as succinctly as possible as to why he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing, ask him for an apology if necessary, and get him to clean up or undo whatever the problem is. I think I need more calming down than he does. And I’ve had to apologize about three times this week for yelling when I shouldn’t have. It already seems to have helped him apologize more readily. So all in all I’ve seen improvement.

2) needing more snack sized meals prepped ahead of time.

Haven’t done it yet but I could actually make a smoothie for myself the night before. I drink one almost every day. I’ve also been doing a lot of carrots, cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers, cashews and cheese slices. That would also be an easy one to pre bag in advance. Haven’t done that yet either, but it’s all stuff easy to grab quickly. It seems to be working this past week anyways.

3) Being easier on myself when I just can’t manage a LCHF meal.

This has been fairly easy once I realized the need for me to ease up on myself. The only times I cheated was once when we had been running errands all day and my Grandma flew in for Christmas so after visiting I didn’t have the energy/time to make dinner so I grabbed pizza on the way home. And then over Christmas I did relatively well. I ate about a half cup of stuffing, and a half cup of creamed corn. So good! Hubby D gave me a thing of chocolates in my stocking. I ate the whole thing in two days! But I’m not beating myself up over it. I feel like it was pretty easy for me to get back into Ketosis the next day, yesterday. Other than that I haven’t had the inabity to eat the way I want.

4) Being ok with having to be less social, and more ok with not always being on time.

I feel like this was the same as the last issue. Once I gave myself permission to stop caring so much about cancelling when I need to and not stressing about being on time it actually impacted my first thing: relationship with C. I’ve been able to let things go rather than yell and push to do things and be on time. If we just can’t seem to make it I can let it go. Just today I had a ton of errands to do, which I planned to do in the morning. We didn’t get out of the house until 1:30 and it was just fine! We enjoyed our morning, and I didn’t blow a head gasket trying to make things happen quicker.

5)My own appearance being less than I’d usually aim for when leaving the house.

Sweat pants and ball caps have reigned this week haha. But it works, it’s easy, and I haven’t had any super embarrassing moments so I’ll keep rocking this new mom look a little longer πŸ™‚

6) Letting the messy go, or rather my stress about the messy.

Found a cleaning schedule I think will work for me. Found and started it today so I’ll have to see if it works for me over this next week! But here it is:


So I would say that the time I took to re evaluate my life and priorities was a great thing to do. Hopefully the ball keeps rolling in the right direction.

On another note, when I ate that pizza, A had horrible horrible gas that night. I mean stiff body, writhing, and real crocodile tears. It was awful. And I figured it was the grains. Even though it was hard to do, I ate a normal breakfast, gas wasn’t an issue the next few feeds. But then I ate another slice of pizza to see if it would have the same reaction for her. It did. Man I felt like a jerk! I’m no doctor, and I’m not claiming she has an allergy to grains. But something in that pizza did not go through her system well. My guess is that because I didn’t eat grains myself the last half of my pregnancy or first month of her life her gut doesn’t have the right whatever it takes to break the grains down. I need to do a little more intentional research. But I know that a lot if people start eating LCHF because they have health issues that revolve around a leaky gut. I’m guessing that she’s just too young to have the right stuff necessary for the grains to go through her system, or she does in fact have a sensitivity now because I didn’t eat grains for so long. I very very seriously hope I didn’t create an actual problem for her though. I mean it was my choice to go LCHF, not exactly hers for life. It’s definitely an extra strong motivation to not cheat with grains in the future!

I get to start working out Monday whoop woop! Couldn’t quiet wait though and started today with a twenty minute spin on my recline bike. I took it easy but did start to sweat. I’ll attempt to ride or run on my friends treadmill at least five days a week, starting Monday. But not for longer than a half hour until I start training seriously for my half marathon. I’ll also add in simple stuff I can do at home to get my body to start warming up to basic moves; push-ups, squats, lunges, that sort of thing. At least until we are able to get the home gym we picked out!!

I’m also setting myself a smaller weight loss goal to focus on for now. Rather than wanting to get back to wedding weight, 18lbs, I’m going to aim for ten pounds by Feb 1st. I think it’s doable but I need to be intent on working towards it. I didn’t get new progress pics taken this morning, but will try to tomorrow morning. I also want hubby D to start helping me with some body measurements so I have another form of seeing how my body is changing.

Here are some photos of our Christmas to leave you with, what a great holiday!!!





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