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Solution to Weight Loss Stall?

Writing a super quick blog post because I just read something that might explain my recent weight loss stall!!!

Since having A I have lost all the pregnancy weight, but it’s been 5 weeks since any further weight loss! I think I just read why! My keto guru Maria Emmerich just posted about Bullet Proof Coffee Ice Cream. Since I just got an awesome ice cream maker for Christmas I read the blog post. She states that “It might shock you to find out that I am not a fan of bulletproof coffee for those who are trying to lose weight. I write all about liquid calories and how they don’t register the proper hormones that signal satisfaction and fullness. I prefer clients to “chew” their calories. Drinking bulletproof coffee also takes you out of fasting which can accelerate weight loss.”

I assume she meant slows weight loss rather than accelerates in that last sentence there. Find her blog post here:

I have been drinking BPC for breakfast since A was born, and following that up with a protein shake for lunch. I haven’t been eating solids until around 3pm when I grab cheese and tomatoes and carrots and cashews. I’ve written about this in my last two posts that I’ve been finding ways to just make sure I’m getting my calories, quickly, rather than skipping meals because I’m short on time. But if drinking my calories rather than chewing them isn’t triggering the hormones I want to to lose weight than by golly I will start eating solids for breakfast!! It’s one of the few things that have changed in my eating even though I’m sticking to keto foods.

I already know of great egg muffin cup recipes I’ve done before, and although I feel a little over eggs (because I ate them every morning for breakfast for months when I first started this), I can do it again! I can also make some egg quiches and pre make breakfast pizzas!

See, I HAVE been doing this long enough to make changes quickly and efficiently even after having baby number two!


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