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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Thanks so much to for nominating me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! In accepting the award, I have some questions I need to answer. Here we go!

In one word, how would you like your readers to describe your blog?


Which is your most favorite among your blog posts and why?

Probably my first post. It was a big challenge for me to post something so incredibly personal on a public forum. I knew I would be posting pictures of my progress on this journey and I was starting from a place I was unhappy with so that took guts. But also, I think it just sums up why I gave myself this year long challenge.

What/Who inspires most of your blog posts?

Will it sound egotistical if I say myself? Lol I am so proud of how well I am doing, even if I have bad weeks. I want people to see the real struggle it is to make healthy lifestyle changes and I’m proud I’m still going strong!

What do you aspire to accomplish this year?

Well my year long challenge started October 4th 2014, and by that date this year I plan to run my first Half Marathon! But along the way I am hoping to accomplish new cooking skills, an appreciation of cooking I’ve never had, I hope to inspire a healthy relationship to food in my kids, I hope to set up great healthy starts in their bodies (ie. immune systems), and I hope to reach my weight loss goal!

What do you aspire to learn this year?

I want to learn how to change my minds relationship with my body and food. I want to be aware of my struggles, and find new ways of challenging those struggles.

What is your favorite book?

That is a TOUGH question! I’m a huge fiction reader. Can I say a three way tie between Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, and ShoGun? They are all amazing stories written about peoples real life struggles, strong and stubborn personalities, and amazing adventures!

What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

This might sound silly to some, but I decided to host a fundraiser to bring at risk youth to an amazing weekend retreat. It was a dating auction at my Bible College. A bible college that no joke used to have boys and girls walk on separate sidewalks! Lol Although they had come a long way, they were still quiet conservative. It was a huge undertaking, I had to get permission from the schools president, and even took some flak from fellow students I didn’t even know! But we got the green light, it ended up being the schools most successful fundraiser ever! And we were able to bring over thirty youth out to the conference!

If you could be a superhero? What is your super power?

As far as traditional super heroes go, I think strength 🙂 As a non traditional super hero it would be the ability to make food from nothing!

Who is your female role model?

The Women’s Ministry Pastor at our church. She is the strongest, most wise woman I know!

Now, for other nominees, this is what you do:
thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
put the award logo on your blog
answer the ten questions sent to you (the same questions above)
nominate seven blogs

Now because I am new to the blogging world, many of the blogs I follow, I follow because I found them through this award so they have already been nominated. So I will post some, but not seven, of the women I find amazing and inspiring!

Here are my nominees:

1) Maria Emmerich at whom I get all my keto knowledge from.

2) Tamara a wonderful friend who shares many hilarious and serious stories of motherhood

3) Erin another beautiful friend who shares stories from her life

And 4) Erin again posting about a great online Bible study

Please take a minute to check out these wonderful women’s blogs!

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Plan Plan Planning Success

This has been an interesting week. It started off easily enough, everything had already been pre made the week before and my plan was still in place. What a great way to help myself succeed a week straight! It’s definitely something I aim to keep doing.

When people talk about diets, restrictions are the first things that come to mind. I want people to see how many delicious meals and desserts I get to eat. I was asked this week by a nutritionist why I chose Keto as my diet to stick to for a year. The answer? Because it’s been the easiest diet to stick to I’ve ever tried. My energy has stayed high, I don’t feel deprived, no insane cravings, I’m full ALL the time, and so far it’s working. How many people gain the minimum weight suggested during pregnancy and lose all that weight within a week of birth? Compared to my first pregnancy of 80+ pounds gained this diet was a gift from God! Here are some photos of the deliciousness of my week!

I had my family over for dinner, this spaghetti squash was delicious!

A keto mug cake recipe I found through someone else’s blog, I added some sweetened cream cheese and it was a perfect quick fix for a craving I had for cake.

It’s a good thing I brought one more meal than I was expecting to need this day. We decided to take C to the Science Centre Sunday and we went straight from church. I had thrown a shake and a container of food and I ate it all while the boys ate Arby’s and cafeteria food.




I made some really amazing fat bombs for my pre and post workout snacks. 100% natural and sooo delicious! I had quiet a few friends ask for the recipe to the raspberry ones so I thought I would post the link here as well. There are a whole bunch to choose from 🙂

Butternut Squash soup, sooo yummy. Then later in the week I mixed it with leftover Creamy Mexican Chicken and that was even better!

Protein Pancakes anyone? Yum! And best part of pancakes was…

My food order from came in Tuesday! So I was able to put Maple Syrup on my pancakes, and BBQ sauce on my chicken! I have tried one of the grape pops, it’s good but I can definitely taste the difference with the xylitol sweetener. And I’ve tried the milk chocolate bar, very good, and nice to have something I can just carry with me so if I’m around sweets out of the house cravings won’t make me cave! This week were doing hamburgers so I’ll get to try the other flavour of BBQ sauce I bought.

Wednesday I weighed myself again and was up I think two pounds. It put my head instantly into a negative space. I was feeling disappointed so I decided to take my measurements. I knew a long time ago that soon here my scale would no longer be my friend and measurements would be more accurate. So I took measurements and I was down 2 inches! Made me feel much better; goes to show that the scale doesn’t always paint an accurate picture.

This week I have been craving chips. Not 100% sure how to meet this craving. I have found a recipe for Kale chips, and chicken skin chips I can try. And might attempt to make my own crackers. But either way I plan to up my sodium this week. I’m also bruising a lot more than normal. Which isn’t so abnormal for me. I’ve had iron deficiencies multiple times before so I just plan to start taking my iron supplements again.

This weeks review:
Pounds: -2
Inches: -3
Cheats: 0

This next week I would like to work on portion sizes. Still need to write out my meal plan for this week, go grocery shopping, prep as much as I can, and pick a new verbal mantra to repeat to myself every day! Oh! And just remembered, this two pound weight loss has finally put me under the 200 number!!! I’m officially in the one hundreds 🙂

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These Roller Coasters Aren’t So Much Fun

It has been a roller coaster of two weeks; physically, and mentally!

Honestly, the reasons I didn’t write a post last week were that I was in a weak place mentally, and a pretty low point physically. I was embarrassed to share how my week had been, and by Saturday not yet ready to start really looking into what had happened and how to get out of the slump. I was still slumping until Sunday.

I tell ya, it was so many things all balled up, but when I got right down to it I realized that I’m entering a new territory in my challenge where I’m starting to see how much I’m MENTALLY messed up when it comes to food. I’ve delt with cravings, and planning issues, but this was different.

It started on Thursday. Day before hubby’s pay day, and the last day before I could go grocery shopping and replenish our fridge. I had had a great day so far; the moms group I serve on the leadership team with at our church had it’s first session after the holidays and it was great to see everyone again. But when 4pm came rolling around and I didn’t have anything prepared for dinner, and had only plain meat and veggies to steam that could be made quickly enough, it was like my thinking just jumped to “screw it”. There was no mental battle, just simply thoughts like “I’m so tired of meat and veggies”, “I do NOT want to spend a lot of time cooking only to have to clean up again afterwards”, “I’ve been doing so well I should be able to have a cheat meal”. So I think I just made some cheese noodles. Something easy, only took one pot and a spoon to make, and C and I both liked it. Then the next morning I was on my way to a friends house, hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet. It was pay day so I was going to go after our workout. I probably could have made a smoothie, but by then I was experiencing cravings and told myself “I cheated last night anyways, I’m running late already so I’ll just go through a drive through”. I went through the McDonalds drive through and picked up a McGriddle. Not gonna lie it was gooood lol But then, instead of working out, I decided to run a couple errands because my amazing friend T offered to watch both kids while I went out! It was my first time without both kids and I jumped at the opportunity. Then that night hubby D and I did what we used to always do on pay day. We ordered Boston Pizza for dinner. Worst part was, not only did I inhale my food without enjoying a bite because I was busy breast feeding A and getting things for C, but then I felt really ill all that night. Saturday was another write off when D offered to pick up McD’s again and I jumped at the opportunity to not have to cook, again. That night I felt sick, surprise right? We had finally gone grocery shopping Saturday, so Sunday I weighed myself and could have cried.

I had gone from my lowest weight yet of 202lbs to 209! I instantly realized that I needed to take some time to figure out what had gone wrong and get back on track. I had eaten crap Thursday and Friday, so when Saturday came around, blog day, I knew I didn’t want to weigh myself, take pictures, or measurements. I didn’t want to write a blog while I was still in my slump, like I said earlier I was embarrassed. So I simply didn’t. I told myself I was too busy, I didn’t want the scale to be owning me and my weight loss journey. All crap.

Sunday morning I weighed myself like I said. Was very disappointed by the results. Who gains 7 pounds over one weekend of bad eating? Not even a week, 3 days! I knew that most of it would just be water retention and inflammation again, but it still takes a lot longer to loose that than gain it. I read an awesome post all about clean eating success. It had some great tips, most I had seen before but there were a few new ones I felt would really help me, and old ones I really needed to implement.

I made a meal plan for the week


Pre packed lunches finally!


Made my breakfast foods for the next two weeks

2015/01/img_2178.jpg as well as another breakfast pizza.

And made my dessert for the week (sooo good, raspberry cheesecake ice cream)


I was determined to loose ALL the weight I had gained. It was hard knowing I was just re losing weight I had already worked to lose. It was hard knowing I could have been a couple pounds lighter than I was two weeks previous rather than back to where I was. That was a huge part of why I gave myself this challenge. While I was pregnant and dabbling in keto I would eat clean all week, then cheat all weekend. I was constantly going up and down up and down. I started this challenge because I wanted to stop that unhealthy cycle!

Well, I’ll have to wait and see if I can continue these healthy habits longer than two weeks (which seems to be the average time I go between cheats, I think it’s connected to running out of food and pay day). So my goals for the next two weeks are:
•update my shape diary daily and weekly
•take my photos and measurements weekly
•blog weekly!!!
•write down my two week meal plan
•grocery shop on time
•make as much as I can ahead of time
•pick a positive mantra and vocalize mornings and when I’m debating a cheat
•stay positive, and when I catch myself slipping take the time to sit down, figure out why and make an immediate plan to get back on track!

That’s a lot of goals lol but most of them are things I’ve already been doing.

So, the breakdown for this past week.

Weight lost: 8 pounds! That means I lost the weight I regained plus another pound 🙂
Inches lost: 2 1/4!
Cheats: 0


I’ve finally seen enough progress to post pictures 🙂 These show my progress since starting to workout, so the last two weeks (the before pics are from three weeks ago but I didn’t take fully clothed pics two weeks ago and am not yet ready to post those in my sports bra and shorts.) w12 and w15 stand for week 12 and 15 that I’ve completed since starting my year long challenge.





Cheers to a better week and smashing goals!!!

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Eating Is About to Get Sweeter!

I just have to share a fabulous Canadian website that offers amazing food, condiments, baking needs, etc that fit in with my keto diet.!!! It’s

I just bought Maple syrup, hickory BBQ sauce, honey mustard BBQ sauce, a six pack of grape pop, and raspberry and milk chocolate bars with taxes and shipping for $40! Seriously, BBQ sauce?!?! And pop?! Oh man, things I have been missing.

All of these are zero’s on the glycemic index, and all made with 100% natural ingredients including all natural non chemically processed sweeteners!! Man I hope it ships quickly!!

Just had to share in my excitement 🙂

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Weight Loss Stall…Kickstarted!

Haha Yes!! What a fantastic start to the new year 🙂 Made a simple change, and the weight has started falling off again!

I wrote a quick blurb post just a couple days ago about reading a comment that if you’re trying to lose weight drinking your calories isn’t a smart way to do it. That the physical act of chewing releases hormones that signal satisfaction and fullness. Well that info appears to be correct!! I started eating a solid breakfast, (this yummy breakfast pizza made with a cheese and coconut flour crust with sour cream instead of spaghetti sauce, scrambled eggs, bacon and ground beef with taco seasoning on top, sooo good!)

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9fd/76159211/files/2015/01/img_2034.jpg and I made sure I was on top of my water consumption (I fill a 2L jug and put it in the fridge each morning and it must be gone by the first night feed).

In four days I’m down four pounds! Now I know that means it’s probably water weight loss, but I am fine with that, it’s water I shouldn’t have been carrying around anyways. Back when I worked at the gym one of the most common things I would say that would totally surprise the women I was working with was that the more water you drink the more weight you lose. Well it’s true, so do your body a massive favor and up your water intake, and then start switching your other liquid cups like coffee, milk and juice for more water. Every cell in your body will thank you!

Now the other thing I planned to start in this new year was taking measurements with the progress photos. Now that I have begun working out (albeit so far just body weight exercises and spinning) I will begin trading fat weight for muscle weight and my scale will become less accurate in showing my progress. Through this wonderful new world of blogging I came across a woman who used an app to track her weigh loss progress. So I went online and found one of my own and so far it’s great. I can input my weight and waist line as often as I want and it puts the info into a graph along with mini pics of whether I ate to my diet (keto), their version of normal which would be my idea of maybe just a small cheat, or excess eating, as well as a small photo of weather I was active, moderately active or lazy that day. Then it also let’s me attach three photos to each days entry, and in the notes I put all my measurements. This way I can see a graph of my weight and waist line progress, compare photos and measurements all in one place! Here are a couple photos from the app which I will start sharing here each week to show my progress. Even though it shares my weight (SCARY) I am not ready to share my photos as they are taken in a sports bra and workout leggings and I’m just not ready for those to be so public yet. Give me some time and progress and I will!



/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9fd/76159211/files/2015/01/img_2084.png ThIs doesn’t show it here, but I am down 2 1/8 inches! And, my scale is ancient, so when it looks like I am somewhere between two pounds I always pick the higher, so when I entered 205 it was really more like 204 point something. The app is called Shape Diary if you want to look into it for yourself.

Even though it’s only been four days, the three workouts (2 upper body, 1 lower body, and then 3 cardio sessions), my start into this new year is exactly what I was hoping for and I am PUMPED to be already well on my way towards crushing my goals!!

Also, side note, C is eating way more veggies again which is nice because normally he is a fruit vacuum! And every day he keeps trying one of my cherry tomatoes and spitting it back out lol I keep hoping one day he will realize they are delicious!!