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Weight Loss Stall…Kickstarted!

Haha Yes!! What a fantastic start to the new year πŸ™‚ Made a simple change, and the weight has started falling off again!

I wrote a quick blurb post just a couple days ago about reading a comment that if you’re trying to lose weight drinking your calories isn’t a smart way to do it. That the physical act of chewing releases hormones that signal satisfaction and fullness. Well that info appears to be correct!! I started eating a solid breakfast, (this yummy breakfast pizza made with a cheese and coconut flour crust with sour cream instead of spaghetti sauce, scrambled eggs, bacon and ground beef with taco seasoning on top, sooo good!)

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9fd/76159211/files/2015/01/img_2034.jpg and I made sure I was on top of my water consumption (I fill a 2L jug and put it in the fridge each morning and it must be gone by the first night feed).

In four days I’m down four pounds! Now I know that means it’s probably water weight loss, but I am fine with that, it’s water I shouldn’t have been carrying around anyways. Back when I worked at the gym one of the most common things I would say that would totally surprise the women I was working with was that the more water you drink the more weight you lose. Well it’s true, so do your body a massive favor and up your water intake, and then start switching your other liquid cups like coffee, milk and juice for more water. Every cell in your body will thank you!

Now the other thing I planned to start in this new year was taking measurements with the progress photos. Now that I have begun working out (albeit so far just body weight exercises and spinning) I will begin trading fat weight for muscle weight and my scale will become less accurate in showing my progress. Through this wonderful new world of blogging I came across a woman who used an app to track her weigh loss progress. So I went online and found one of my own and so far it’s great. I can input my weight and waist line as often as I want and it puts the info into a graph along with mini pics of whether I ate to my diet (keto), their version of normal which would be my idea of maybe just a small cheat, or excess eating, as well as a small photo of weather I was active, moderately active or lazy that day. Then it also let’s me attach three photos to each days entry, and in the notes I put all my measurements. This way I can see a graph of my weight and waist line progress, compare photos and measurements all in one place! Here are a couple photos from the app which I will start sharing here each week to show my progress. Even though it shares my weight (SCARY) I am not ready to share my photos as they are taken in a sports bra and workout leggings and I’m just not ready for those to be so public yet. Give me some time and progress and I will!



/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9fd/76159211/files/2015/01/img_2084.png ThIs doesn’t show it here, but I am down 2 1/8 inches! And, my scale is ancient, so when it looks like I am somewhere between two pounds I always pick the higher, so when I entered 205 it was really more like 204 point something. The app is called Shape Diary if you want to look into it for yourself.

Even though it’s only been four days, the three workouts (2 upper body, 1 lower body, and then 3 cardio sessions), my start into this new year is exactly what I was hoping for and I am PUMPED to be already well on my way towards crushing my goals!!

Also, side note, C is eating way more veggies again which is nice because normally he is a fruit vacuum! And every day he keeps trying one of my cherry tomatoes and spitting it back out lol I keep hoping one day he will realize they are delicious!!


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Stall…Kickstarted!

  1. I am still following you but you are not showing up on my reader for some reason. Boo. 😦
    That pizza thing looks amazing! Congratulations on 4 pounds down already and like Sarah says, it’s great that you are measuring and taking pics. I NEVER weigh. Keep up the good work girl!


    • I’m so new to this blogging world I have no idea why I wouldn’t be showing up lol I always get your posts by email, but don’t know how that started or why I don’t get others I follow emailed to me? Haha Oh well!

      I think it’s smart of you to not bother weighing in, you have abs that show!! But my main goal for the next few months is weight loss. I have at least 50-60 to go to get to my ideal weight for my height. One day I won’t have to weigh in either! Whoop whoop


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