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These Roller Coasters Aren’t So Much Fun

It has been a roller coaster of two weeks; physically, and mentally!

Honestly, the reasons I didn’t write a post last week were that I was in a weak place mentally, and a pretty low point physically. I was embarrassed to share how my week had been, and by Saturday not yet ready to start really looking into what had happened and how to get out of the slump. I was still slumping until Sunday.

I tell ya, it was so many things all balled up, but when I got right down to it I realized that I’m entering a new territory in my challenge where I’m starting to see how much I’m MENTALLY messed up when it comes to food. I’ve delt with cravings, and planning issues, but this was different.

It started on Thursday. Day before hubby’s pay day, and the last day before I could go grocery shopping and replenish our fridge. I had had a great day so far; the moms group I serve on the leadership team with at our church had it’s first session after the holidays and it was great to see everyone again. But when 4pm came rolling around and I didn’t have anything prepared for dinner, and had only plain meat and veggies to steam that could be made quickly enough, it was like my thinking just jumped to “screw it”. There was no mental battle, just simply thoughts like “I’m so tired of meat and veggies”, “I do NOT want to spend a lot of time cooking only to have to clean up again afterwards”, “I’ve been doing so well I should be able to have a cheat meal”. So I think I just made some cheese noodles. Something easy, only took one pot and a spoon to make, and C and I both liked it. Then the next morning I was on my way to a friends house, hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet. It was pay day so I was going to go after our workout. I probably could have made a smoothie, but by then I was experiencing cravings and told myself “I cheated last night anyways, I’m running late already so I’ll just go through a drive through”. I went through the McDonalds drive through and picked up a McGriddle. Not gonna lie it was gooood lol But then, instead of working out, I decided to run a couple errands because my amazing friend T offered to watch both kids while I went out! It was my first time without both kids and I jumped at the opportunity. Then that night hubby D and I did what we used to always do on pay day. We ordered Boston Pizza for dinner. Worst part was, not only did I inhale my food without enjoying a bite because I was busy breast feeding A and getting things for C, but then I felt really ill all that night. Saturday was another write off when D offered to pick up McD’s again and I jumped at the opportunity to not have to cook, again. That night I felt sick, surprise right? We had finally gone grocery shopping Saturday, so Sunday I weighed myself and could have cried.

I had gone from my lowest weight yet of 202lbs to 209! I instantly realized that I needed to take some time to figure out what had gone wrong and get back on track. I had eaten crap Thursday and Friday, so when Saturday came around, blog day, I knew I didn’t want to weigh myself, take pictures, or measurements. I didn’t want to write a blog while I was still in my slump, like I said earlier I was embarrassed. So I simply didn’t. I told myself I was too busy, I didn’t want the scale to be owning me and my weight loss journey. All crap.

Sunday morning I weighed myself like I said. Was very disappointed by the results. Who gains 7 pounds over one weekend of bad eating? Not even a week, 3 days! I knew that most of it would just be water retention and inflammation again, but it still takes a lot longer to loose that than gain it. I read an awesome post all about clean eating success. It had some great tips, most I had seen before but there were a few new ones I felt would really help me, and old ones I really needed to implement.

I made a meal plan for the week


Pre packed lunches finally!


Made my breakfast foods for the next two weeks

2015/01/img_2178.jpg as well as another breakfast pizza.

And made my dessert for the week (sooo good, raspberry cheesecake ice cream)


I was determined to loose ALL the weight I had gained. It was hard knowing I was just re losing weight I had already worked to lose. It was hard knowing I could have been a couple pounds lighter than I was two weeks previous rather than back to where I was. That was a huge part of why I gave myself this challenge. While I was pregnant and dabbling in keto I would eat clean all week, then cheat all weekend. I was constantly going up and down up and down. I started this challenge because I wanted to stop that unhealthy cycle!

Well, I’ll have to wait and see if I can continue these healthy habits longer than two weeks (which seems to be the average time I go between cheats, I think it’s connected to running out of food and pay day). So my goals for the next two weeks are:
•update my shape diary daily and weekly
•take my photos and measurements weekly
•blog weekly!!!
•write down my two week meal plan
•grocery shop on time
•make as much as I can ahead of time
•pick a positive mantra and vocalize mornings and when I’m debating a cheat
•stay positive, and when I catch myself slipping take the time to sit down, figure out why and make an immediate plan to get back on track!

That’s a lot of goals lol but most of them are things I’ve already been doing.

So, the breakdown for this past week.

Weight lost: 8 pounds! That means I lost the weight I regained plus another pound 🙂
Inches lost: 2 1/4!
Cheats: 0


I’ve finally seen enough progress to post pictures 🙂 These show my progress since starting to workout, so the last two weeks (the before pics are from three weeks ago but I didn’t take fully clothed pics two weeks ago and am not yet ready to post those in my sports bra and shorts.) w12 and w15 stand for week 12 and 15 that I’ve completed since starting my year long challenge.





Cheers to a better week and smashing goals!!!


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