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Plan Plan Planning Success

This has been an interesting week. It started off easily enough, everything had already been pre made the week before and my plan was still in place. What a great way to help myself succeed a week straight! It’s definitely something I aim to keep doing.

When people talk about diets, restrictions are the first things that come to mind. I want people to see how many delicious meals and desserts I get to eat. I was asked this week by a nutritionist why I chose Keto as my diet to stick to for a year. The answer? Because it’s been the easiest diet to stick to I’ve ever tried. My energy has stayed high, I don’t feel deprived, no insane cravings, I’m full ALL the time, and so far it’s working. How many people gain the minimum weight suggested during pregnancy and lose all that weight within a week of birth? Compared to my first pregnancy of 80+ pounds gained this diet was a gift from God! Here are some photos of the deliciousness of my week!

I had my family over for dinner, this spaghetti squash was delicious!

A keto mug cake recipe I found through someone else’s blog, I added some sweetened cream cheese and it was a perfect quick fix for a craving I had for cake.

It’s a good thing I brought one more meal than I was expecting to need this day. We decided to take C to the Science Centre Sunday and we went straight from church. I had thrown a shake and a container of food and I ate it all while the boys ate Arby’s and cafeteria food.




I made some really amazing fat bombs for my pre and post workout snacks. 100% natural and sooo delicious! I had quiet a few friends ask for the recipe to the raspberry ones so I thought I would post the link here as well. There are a whole bunch to choose from 🙂

Butternut Squash soup, sooo yummy. Then later in the week I mixed it with leftover Creamy Mexican Chicken and that was even better!

Protein Pancakes anyone? Yum! And best part of pancakes was…

My food order from came in Tuesday! So I was able to put Maple Syrup on my pancakes, and BBQ sauce on my chicken! I have tried one of the grape pops, it’s good but I can definitely taste the difference with the xylitol sweetener. And I’ve tried the milk chocolate bar, very good, and nice to have something I can just carry with me so if I’m around sweets out of the house cravings won’t make me cave! This week were doing hamburgers so I’ll get to try the other flavour of BBQ sauce I bought.

Wednesday I weighed myself again and was up I think two pounds. It put my head instantly into a negative space. I was feeling disappointed so I decided to take my measurements. I knew a long time ago that soon here my scale would no longer be my friend and measurements would be more accurate. So I took measurements and I was down 2 inches! Made me feel much better; goes to show that the scale doesn’t always paint an accurate picture.

This week I have been craving chips. Not 100% sure how to meet this craving. I have found a recipe for Kale chips, and chicken skin chips I can try. And might attempt to make my own crackers. But either way I plan to up my sodium this week. I’m also bruising a lot more than normal. Which isn’t so abnormal for me. I’ve had iron deficiencies multiple times before so I just plan to start taking my iron supplements again.

This weeks review:
Pounds: -2
Inches: -3
Cheats: 0

This next week I would like to work on portion sizes. Still need to write out my meal plan for this week, go grocery shopping, prep as much as I can, and pick a new verbal mantra to repeat to myself every day! Oh! And just remembered, this two pound weight loss has finally put me under the 200 number!!! I’m officially in the one hundreds 🙂


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