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Last Month In Review

This last month was full of mistakes made and lessons learned. It started off great with seeing success in eating a solid breakfast rather than liquid ones (mainly protein shakes or bulletproof coffee). Followed by a mentally rough week filled with an entire weekend of bad cheat meals and then mentally just spiralling out of shame. Then I found an article about clean eating success that gave me some great tips, making a food plan ahead of time, pre making as many meals as possible, always taking an extra meal with me when I leave the house so I wouldn’t be caught unprepared, and having a verbal phrase to repeat to myself when feeling tempted to cheat. All were very helpful and the next three weeks went very successfully. My food from low Carb Canada came in and it’s been delicious! It was nice to have burgers with BBQ sauce, and pancakes with real syrup. The chocolate bars aren’t my favorite, but they are handy to have around for a quick snack if I’m feeling tempted. But the pop has been super great to have.

This last week, although entirely successful as regards to sticking to the meal plan, was a tough one due to lack of sleep. Baby girl A has just gone through a sleep regression. She went from 8-10 hours of sleep to back to being up every 2-3 hours. My body took it harder than I expected after all the wonderful sleep I was suddenly getting again. I had more cravings, was much lazier in regards to cooking ahead of time, and did find that I was hungry when normally hunger doesn’t seem to be an issue. The tiredness drastically affected my desire to workout. I think I only got three workouts in, by the last half of the week I had pretty much given up on doing anymore. But, I made it through. I didn’t loose any weight, or inches, but hey, zero cheats is still a huge success in my books.

It might sound funny but two posts ago I wrote about how I seem to cheat every two weeks around pay day. Mostly because of where my brain was at. Well yesterday I had two cheat meals, go figure they were both pizza. I love and miss pizza with a great crust! But, this time it wasn’t out of a negative head space. I used a tip I got from that fitness article “Keep T.A.B.S. on your emotions: Before you let your emotions drive you to a carton of ice cream, ask yourself if you are Tired, Angry, Bored or Sad. If you are, disrupt that craving with a positive distraction— something that you love to do other than eat.” I wasn’t any of those things, and it wasn’t like I was rewarding myself for having done so well (that’s been a huge problem in the past, rewarding my good eating with unhealthy food, or feeling like I deserved that food). I just wanted to order pizza with my husband and felt like I was in a good place to enjoy some carbs. It felt good and tasted great, but I’m still back to my clean eating today. I’m not going to spiral mentally in shame 🙂 I think, just maybe, I’m starting to get a better handle on my relationship with food!

This last months stats:
Pounds lost: 7
Inches lost: 8

Other positives: C is eating more veggies and his new favorite activity is washing dishes! AND I finally got my Christmas present! A new to me home weight system 🙂 Hubby D did a ton of work taking this beast apart, hauling it home and setting it up again. Thanks babe! Here’s to greater gains!



My goals for the next month are:
•lose 6 pounds
•put on some noticeable muscle in my arms
•try at least four new meal recipes
•put more effort into letting C help me making food.

What are some of your goals heading into this new month?

What are some negative things you’d like to leave behind?

How are you going to make these things happen?!


3 thoughts on “Last Month In Review

  1. I totally forgot that it’s a new month haha! Thanks for the reminder! So exciting that you have a new home gym!!!! Congratulations!!!! Your son seems to like it. 🙂
    Great goals! Totally achievable too. My goal for this week is to get in 5 workouts. That’s it since my little one is still sick. 😦
    I am still doing my challenge of course so I have those as well.
    Good luck!!!

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  2. Great to hear you’re making progress on you fitness goals! We think there are great ways to reinvent “cheat” foods in healthy ways. Check out for 100% Paleo recipes (including Drak Chocolate Cranberry Cookies), and workouts you can do anywhere, even in your own kitchen! Let us know how February turns out!

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