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Tired Tired Tired

Baby A, who was a marvellous sleeper to begin with, has just given me a pretty tough month. For this entire past month she has averaged about an hour inbetween wake ups. And yes I have tried everything. Swaddling, not swaddling, swing, swing not swinging, crib, bath time, massage time, essential oils, humidifiers, fans, sleep sacks, with me in bed, with me on the couch. None of it has produced a sleep longer than the big one around 7-10, and then never longer than an hour and a half. 

I am bringing this up here, because it has been affecting every area of this challenge. I’m averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I’m awake so much at night that when she does have her hour long cat nap, I’m often too awake already to sleep for that precious hour inbetween. My workouts have been scattered at best. I have at least one coffee a day, usually two (which isn’t much for you coffee addicts out there, but I generally try to keep it to one cup a day, and often can go a couple days inbetween without feeling I need one). I’m a big giant grouchy bear all night and have to put so much energy (that I don’t have) into being happy when both A and C get up in the mornings. But if hubby D mentions that he’s tired when he gets up to go to work I just want to … Well, you get the idea I’m sure. 

So when we got to the beginning of last week, and we were running out of some pretty important food staples I just gave up on both exercise and nutrition. I went into survival mode. Poor a bowl of cereal, kraft dinner for lunch, “Oh honey you’re home, I don’t have anything planned for dinner, can you make something?” Or simply leftover kraft dinner. 

And you know what, I’m not even mad at myself, or disappointed. It’s just the name of the baby game. However, I need to get some sleep. Weight loss is much harder when you’re not sleeping. All sorts of hormones get out of whack. 

In search of sleep, I chose to purchase one of Maria’s weight loss Supplement Plans. She basically sends you a PDF file that gives you a list of twenty or so different supplements, a break down of what they do, how they work, and the times of day to take them. It would be crazy costly to attempt taking them all. But she does say you can pick a few based off what you want most and start there, adding and replacing as your body heals. 

I’ve picked ten, a few I already took on my own. Daily greens, pro biotics, and vitamin D. All the supplements I chose focus on metabolism, energy, cravings, and sleep. I NEED to stick to my healthy eating plan as supplements on their own can’t work if your hormones and cells are being altered, blocked, or broken down because of what I eat. I can’t waste this much money on supplements if I’m not going to use them properly. 

I’m also all over the whole preparedness buisness 🙂

Here are my two week meal plans, and grocery list. 

And here are my breakfasts and  so far one of my lunches for this next week. For the first time ever I made quiche! It’s delicious by the way and the crust I can use for pies and cheesecakes as well by adding a little sweetener. 

I weighed in this morning, which is something I blogged about earlier. The fact that I want to break up with my scale. But as I am trying something new I pulled it out again this morning. I will only step on it at the beginning of each week, just this month to see if the supplements are helping with my weight. But I am very much hoping my energy levels and amount of sleep will be affected positively within just a couple days here. I will keep you posted! Back to my weight, I’m up five pounds, although I know enough now to know it’s just water retention and inflammation from this past week eating junk. As for my measurements, I’ve been wanting to take them again the last couple weeks, but sadly, C found an edge that was tearing and ripped my tape up into bits. So I still need to replace that. I will get around to it one day!

Talk to you in a week!


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