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Opportunities, and living life to the fullest! #liveuntangled

The supplements are working!

In regards to sleep and energy at least.  In regards to weight loss, I will just have to wait a little longer for those results. I did lose the five pounds I had gained eating off plan for a week by the midpoint of this past week. But that seems to be pretty normal for me. To gain up to five pounds and lose the same all in a matter of days. I will keep taking a few of these supplements for the next three weeks and hopefully over the course of a month I will be able to see some change in regards to my weight.

Like I said, they’re helping my sleep and energy for sure! It started the first night I took them all. Baby A was waking on average every hour and a half. I was up so often at night that I was starting to not even be able to fall asleep inbetween her wake ups. I would lie awake for hours after she was finally sleeping and my brain would just be racing! That would drive me insane and keep me up even longer. Now, after the first day I took all the recomended supplements, baby girl also happened to sleep a straight six hours. That makes me think that the benefits helped her as well. That continued to happen all this week although her sleep started around 7pm each night which is just too early for me to go to bed. So this week I hope to push back that bedtime and maybe I will get to benefit from it a little more.  But, what did help me a ton, is that I no longer lay awake for long periods of time! When I lay down I’m down for the count. Didn’t seem to affect my light sleeping though, I still woke up every time A stirred. Which is good, I didn’t want to suddenly be dead to the world!

As for energy, I got 6/6 workouts done this week and they were kick butt workouts too. Three weight training sessions and three bike rides.

(The pic of me on the left was taken while I was making an incredible chocolate mousse pie after my Swerve sugar came in the mail, no guilt licking the spatula haha)

I would also like to add the wonderful ness that is moms helping each other with our kids to create time to workout. My good friend T and I get together Monday and Friday mornings and take turns taking care of each other’s kids while the other works out. It is a great set up that is mutually beneficial, and afterwords we usually sit around and drink coffee while our kids keep playing!

This Friday I was particularly grateful for both her and my supplements. I woke up sooooo tired. Was about to text her that I would only be participating in the coffee aspect of our date, when I was all of a sudden hit with the energy I needed. I got dressed in my workout gear, made myself a coffee protein shake and packed up the kids. I got an amazing leg workout in and the added benefit of feeling accomplished, proud and successful. Thanks T!!!!

This week the weather was awesome. We did multiple trips to the park which meant baby A in the carrier while I pushed C on his push bike to the playground.

Added bonus,  they were both so tuckered out by the playing and fresh air, that C took a nap (first one in almost five months!!!) at the same time as A and for the first time since A was born I got time to watch an adult tv show during the daylight!! It only lasted 40 minutes but they were golden precious minutes haha

Now for something different, this is super exciting for me šŸ™‚ I was approached by a new company in the States and asked if I would be willing to try out their product and write a review! This may not seem exciting to others, but I am so flattered that they read my blog and thought I would be a good choice to act as a way to get their product out there! As it’s a product that has to do with the fitness aspect of my blog I was willing to check them out and got back to them with an enthusiastic yes! I present to you Cordskinz!

(I snaked this pic off their website, hope they don’t mind!)

Cordskinz are a brilliantly easy way to accessorize your headphones. They sent me two sets of colors to try, I chose sparkly pink and lime green of course. They’re easy to put on, take off, and do their job which is to keep your headphones from getting into a hot tangled mess.

These were my headphones when I went to go find them in my room, no joke, I thought it was pretty perfect considering what I was about to try lol

And this is not even a bad knot compared to how they are sometimes. What Cordskinz aims to accomplish is keeping your headphones tangle free while adding a splash of color!  So here’s my review:

Cordskinz are awesome! They do what they claim, come in 11 different colors, only cost $9.99, and are easy to put on and take off. They still wrap around your phone easily, so they’re pretty flexible. And they hold up in our cold weather, although I’m not hard core enough to go out running in -40! Lol

Who doesn’t like matching their gear to their outfits?! Lol Can you tell I love lime green?

An added bonus of this company, they have a higher goal than simply adding color to your fitness wardrobe. In their About Us section of the website you can find their mission:

Our Mission:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.  1 Corinthians 13:13
It is our mission at Abba Daddy LLC to give back to the world. We believe it is important to lift one another up and express the love of God in action. Below are some of the organizations that we will be supporting in their efforts to help people “Untangle their Lives” with their specific callings.”
They have chosen The Humane Society of the United States, Out of the Darkkness (a centre helping women escape the streets), Paws and Stripes (helping dogs and heroes), Pacers National Bullying Centre, and Grace Ministries International. Now on their website they don’t go into detail about how they plan to help these organizations. So I emailed the company and asked. I got a swift response from one of the founders of Abba Daddy and she graciously answered my questions. 
“Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for your email.  My name is Priscilla Paquin.  I am one of the founders of Abba Daddy LLC.  
I understand you had a question regarding how our company plans to help people “untangle their lives” with the organizations that we will be supporting.
Thank you for asking and it is my pleasure to share with you our hope.  We would like to be a company who gives to those who need a helping hand.  The founders (my husband and I) have decided to donate 10% of our share in the company to the organizations listed on our website.  We chose these organizations specifically because we feel they do a great job of reaching out to people (and animals) who cannot help themselves or are having a difficult time helping themselves.  
We are very excited about this part of the business and cannot wait to see how it grows to help others.

This is definitely a company I would be willing to support šŸ™‚
They have a couple videos linked on their site, showing you how to put them on, you can find one here. So if you’re interested, check them out!! And know that at the same time as accesorizing you’re also contributing to some great ministries! 
How am I living my life to the fullest? I’m finaly sleeping, I’m eating 100% clean for health, I am embracing the beautiful weather and getting outside with my kids every day, I am literally embracing my kids while doing my best to promote their health, and taking opportunities to reach out to strangers and motivate, encourage, and come alongside others who want the same!! #liveuntangled

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