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6 Months In: Half Way There Baby!

Say whaaaaat?! Guys, this past Saturday was the six month mark of my challenge! I’m half way done! It has been wild, amazing, challenging, also strangely… easy? 

I’ve been putting a lot of time this past weekend towards mentally reviewing how the last six months have gone and mulling over where I want the next six months to take me. As well as dreaming BIG for the future beyond that 🙂

So let’s review a bit here. 

I started dabbling with a keto (low carb high fat) diet at about three months into my pregnancy. I was super paranoid about gaining weight like my second pregnancy (a whopping 80lbs), but also in a much healthier place and not wanting to do anything unhealthy during my pregnancy as a way of controlling my weight. So far my thyroid problem had not returned woop woop! But I was also feeling like I was sitting on the sidelines crossing my fingers this pregnancy would be a healthy one rather than actively doing something to ensure it was. 

I decided to sign up for a ten km race! I trained with C, and on my own.  


Then all of a sudden, one day one of my best friends and my hubby talked with me about how they were unhappy with where they were at both with their nutrition and their fitness. Literally that day, October 3rd 2014 I decided to challenge all of us to pick something to work on and stick to it for a year while encouraging one another. I decided to stick to my keto diet for an entire year and to run my first half marathon the Harvest Half here in Calgary on day 365 of my year!

I began my blog (yay so glad I did!), and started my diet. All of a sudden I was letting C cook in the kitchen with me.  

I did run my first official 10k!




Because I knew I was doing my absolute best to eat healthy and exercise I was able to fully embrace this baby belly!  



 I won’t overflow this blog with all the belly photos I took, but I took lots. This pregnancy I LOVED looking down at that gorgeous round belly! I wasn’t embarrassed about how I looked. I felt amazing, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

There were bumps along the way. I experienced cravings, I forgot to pack extra healthy food, I experienced exhaustion running around with an almost two year old and not being able to lay down on the couch all day. But by the end of my pregnancy I had only gained 17lbs! I crushed my goals 🙂 I had hoped for only 25lbs. My doctor told me at the beginning that because I was overweight a safe weight gain would be between 15 and 25 pounds. A week after having baby A I was down another ten pounds from my pre pregnancy weight!

Switching to a keto diet was the best decision I could have made. Reviewing from this six month mark I can see that it’s been easier than I thought. I’ve found incredible recipes, cooked and baked new and amazing things. Guys, I made pizza, borritos, and Kraft dinner before this challenge. And baked nothing. I would buy cookie dough rolls and eat it before baking anything haha. 



I’ve learned about prep work (picking recipes and making meal plans and grocery lists), I’ve learned cooking and baking techniques. I’ve learned about supplements and oh the tediousness of dishes and cleanup. I’ve started a cleaning schedule for my house! Ummm, messy would be putting the state of my bedroom my entire life mildly. Now my entire house is clean most of the time. 

Taking on this challenge has helped me in so many areas of my life. The structure and discipline have benefited so many different areas. 

Now, my weight loss came to a complete hault after losing that ten pounds after delivery. That means it’s been four months since I’ve seen a change in the scale. That’s been hard for me. I’ve had to work on motivation, remembering all the many reasons I’m doing this (creating healthy habits as well as showing my children healthy decisions, and making healthy eating decisions for my kids nutrition, not focusing on the numbers on my scale, recognizing my value completely separate from my body image). 

Now, I’m an avid supporter of breast feeding your baby if you’re capable of doing so  but baby A is just sucking through my milk supply like nobody’s buisness! So this week I’ve started feeding her solids! I’m blending bone broth with avacado and she LOVES it! I also made homemade BBQ sauce because I ran out of my sugar free store bought stuff, and was amazed that I had all the ingredients on hand. It just goes to show that everything I hoped for with beginning this challenge is happening. My healthy decisions are setting up my kids future health, and my kitchen is so well stocked with healthy stuff that I’m able to make something from scratch rather than just using hubby’s BBQ sauce 🙂 This is becoming a way of life! 


And you know what?! I’m heading into the next six months even more excited and motivated! I’ve already signed up for a ten km race on June 21st in Banff. I’ve got some exciting news I’m not quiet ready to share here yet until it starts. And I’ve got some big dreams and ideas for what I want after this challenge. I LOVED working at Lulu Lemon, loved the atmosphere, the goal setting, the excitement, the activity, and being surrounded by like minded people. I LOVED spin classes and especially real road biking (ps I’ve sold my recumbent bike which I used to exercise once I could no longer run and have set up my bike!!)


So I have set myself a new goal of one day (ideally around November when baby A is fully eating solids) getting my spin instructors certification! How fun will that be?! I get so pumped by the energy in those rooms, by the music, the instructors yelling lol, by the high energy workout. I want to be able to inspire others to work their butts off, to feel the burn, and to work together towards better health! I’m not looking at this as a career decision, I’m pretty sure it would be hard to make a living solely from teaching a few spin classes a week. But I think getting my certificate is just one more step into the direction I want my life to go; I want to help others get healthy and fit!

Here’s to the next six months of completing this challenge and living life to it’s fullest! 



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